Our Adjusted Life–Month #1

First Walk (blog size)

Our first walk with Joshua (10 days old)

So it’s been a month since the most recent life changing event in our lives.    It’s been that strange combination of fast and slow, wonderful and not so wonderful, exciting and scary… We really couldn’t have asked for a better labor and delivery nor a more pleasant stay in the hospital. We brought home the most wonderful baby boy one month ago.  He has certainly been a blessing.  It’s hard to imagine that we could love someone who does nothing more that eat, sleep, poop and occasionally wakes up and looks around!  Joshua has changed some aspects of our lives, but our passions and hobbies remain unchanged.  We still love to run, although I am still waiting on the green light from the Doctor to resume that activity and Jason just had his all-time lowest mileage total during the month of July.  Thankfully, the doctor said I could do other cardio activities such as walk, elliptical trainer, recumbent bike, StairMaster, etc.  All of which I have been happily doing since giving birth.  Exercise is so great for the mind and body and for holding post-pardom depression at bay.  I have missed enjoying these things with Jason since we now find it necessary to exercise in shifts most of the time, at least until Joshua gets a little older and we can utilize the day care at the gym. 🙂 

Joshua in jogging stroller (blog size)

Joshua’s first ride the the jogging stroller–May this be the start of many great rides to come!

We won’t be running with Joshua in the jogging stroller until he gets a little older and fits into the harness better and can hold his head up.  He does love to ride in it for long walks with Mommy.  Unfortunately, it’s been very hot and humid (as one would expect for July in South Alabama) so we haven’t gone out as much as I would like.

I’ll leave you with this great picture of Jason and Joshua. 

Jason and Joshua (blog size)

So here’s to new life!  May we learn new activities and resume old activities with passion and excitement!


~ by legmaker on August 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Our Adjusted Life–Month #1”

  1. Man, you have no comments on this post. . . so here is one :).

  2. I just now read your post. I guess I accidently unsubscribed or something. Anyway, that was a sweet and well-put write up. 🙂

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