Pensacola Beach Run

pensacola-beach-logoOn Saturday, Lisa and I ( and our friend Natalie) ran in the Pensacola Beach Run. It was a 5K, 10K, and half marathon. This race was unique in that you could decide how far you wanted to run during the race. If you were feeling good, you just kept running. Every other race we have run in, you have to have committed to one length or the other. One guy literally stopped at the 10K turnaround and jumped up and down saying, “I don’t know what to do?” Everyone else was a little more decisive. I had trained for the half marathon and was certain I would do it unless something drastic happened in the first few miles. I was also hoping to shatter my previous best time for a half marathon (1 hour 50 min.). I was going to announce my intentions on the blog ahead of the race, but then I would have to report back if I failed :(. I thought if it was a good day I could run a 1:45. Anything faster than that and it would be a great day. The first 4-5 miles were relatively easy although I was running into a pretty stiff wind. I thought once I got to the turnaround the run back would be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, I used most of my energy battling the wind and the last 6.5 miles were not as “easy” as I thought they would be. At about mile 9, I was starting to struggle and was very hungry (I didn’t have any gels or sportsdrink with me and there was none along the course either…very disappointing), so I did something I never do in a race. I caught up with another guy and started talking to him for about a 1.5 miles. It really got my mind off of my empty stomach and fatigued legs. That only left me a mile and a half to go, and it was as much mental as it was physical to finish at that point. My mind kept telling my body to “just walk” but my body never gave in. I slowly crossed the finish line at 1:44:59. 1 second below my goal time. My average pace was 8:01…Man, wish I could have averaged under 8 minutes. Maybe next time.

Lisa and Natlie ran the 10K and had a good time running together from what they told me. With Lisa being pregnant, she didn’t have a goal other than to have a good time and keep her heart rate in check. She did tell a 65 year old man that he had some “good looking” legs for a man his age. He told her she just “made his day”. Not sure how I feel about that whole conversation….

Here are the only pictures from the day:





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