The closet floor never looked so good . . .

One of my main goals for my month of blissful time off work was the not so blissful task of cleaning the closets in our spare bedrooms.  Yuk! I hate cleaning closets.  But when my mind is made up to clean house . . . no earthly possession is safe!!  Earlier this year I wrote a post about FlyLady.  I love the method she uses to decide what to keep when she is cleaning things.  She looks at her stuff with one question in mind, “Does this item bless my life or my family’s life?”  If the answer is “yes” she keeps it–if it is “no” she tosses it.  This simple question has helped me evaluate all of our earthly possessions and has freed me to get rid of many things with happiness and joy in my heart! I know that my family thinks that my house is always neat and orderly . . . and it is.  It usually looks perfect . . . just don’t open the closets!  I just wish I would have taken a “before” picture to convince the doubters reading this post that I’m not exaggerating! 

In my quest to clean out some things I opened two large boxes of Princess House Crystal and evaluated each piece with the aforementioned question.  Here is my stash that didn’t make the cut.


The good news for you, dear readers, is that I’m willing to pass the beautiful items on to you at a screaming good deal!  See the end of this post for more details. . .

Here is my pile of Garage Sale stuff all priced and ready for the Grace Garage Sale next weekend. . .

Here is the beautiful closet floor.  I wish that I could get everything off of the floor, but at least our guests have somewhere to hang their clothes . . .

This is the biggest improvement of all!  This closet was piled high up to the clothes bar and none of the floor was visible.  Now, as you can see, I have cleaned out enough junk to store my newest prized possession safely out of harm’s way. All in all, I got rid of two large moving boxes and three large totes full of things!!!! The closet carpet has never looked so good!

Now for the scoop on the Princess House reduction sale.  I have posted pages of old Princess House catalogs with the items I wish to get rid of clearly marked with an asterisk.  If there is any damage to the items or quantity differences I have marked them by the items.  If you are interested in any of these items email me or leave a comment stating the item or items that you want and the price you would like to pay for them.  If you are not comfortable making an offer just email me and I’ll quote you a price.  We are driving to Illinois at Christmas and we should have some extra room . . . 

These pages are in pdf format.  Just click on them and your computer should automatically open them for you.  If you have trouble viewing them let me know.













~ by legmaker on October 23, 2008.

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  1. Your closets looks fabulous!! I’m quite impressed 🙂

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