Taking one for the team!

We just started playing “Grace” co-ed softball last week. Yesterday, marked the second game of the season for us. The games are supposed to be mainly “for fun” and to build friendships outside of the church walls. Well, things got a little heated between myself and another player after the game and here is how I ended up looking…but you should have seen the other guy.




 Actually, what really happened is I was playing Left field, the batter hit a short fly ball that was also slicing down the left field line. I thought I had a pretty good shot at catching it so I started running in at full speed to track it down. Meanwhile, instead of just running “in” I was also running toward the left field sideline fence…the rest of the story is I dove and the ball was in my glove. For a brief nano second I thought I was a hero…only to find out that there was a chain link fence waiting for me. Sadly enough, I later found out that it was the third foul for the batter and therefore he would have been out regardless of my heroic efforts. However, I still feel pretty hardcore about it :). Here is one last picture of a burn on my shoulder:


~ by jmm2 on September 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Taking one for the team!”

  1. nice up close and personal pics Jason :). It looked like a nasty hit. . but at least you missed your eyes!!!

  2. Ooouuuccchhh! I hope you learned your lesson about anger management! 🙂

  3. Dont feel bad J. I was going for a fair ball and overall it in right field, it sliced in and was coming pretty fast, I turned into it and took it on the cheek, face he he. Better than taking it on the temp bone. 17 hours in emerg 27 fractures plastic surgery. Still a bit numb he he. Wish you a quik recovery.

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