This morning I stumbled to the bathroom to take my first urine of the day. I was half asleep and halfway through before I noticed…a red substance in the toilet. It kinda freaked me out. I questioned Lisa if she had noticed anything strange, since she had gone before me. To my dismay, she said “no.” I was pretty worried and scared to go again. Lots of scenarios were going through my head as I was driving to work, when Lisa called me and said, “maybe it’s because we had beets last night.” So, the first thing I did when I got to work was google beets and if they cause red urine. Evidently there is something called, “Beeturia“. I don’t know much about it, but evidently about 14% of people are affected by it. I was very relieved, literally, that it was just beeturia and not something worse. Two sidenotes: the beets were excellent, here is the recipe; beeturia also affects #2.


 . . . by the way . . . in case anyone was wondering . . . the toliet picture was recreated for shock value from leftover beet pieces that were in the sink drain . . . that was Lisa’s idea.


~ by jmm2 on July 17, 2008.

8 Responses to ““Beeturia?””

  1. That is gross Lisa!! However, glad to know it was beeturia and not hematuria :).

  2. You guys crack me up! 🙂 Ya’ll are great story tellers and have some great ones to tell. Thanks for sharing the laugh.

  3. That is so gross (but funny). For some reason I am glad to know the picture was recreated.

  4. Jason. . it says a possibility is iron-deficiency. . . sooooooo ever think about reconsidering the daily vitamin 🙂 🙂 ? Just kidding. . .as healthy as ya’ll eat I seriously doubt you are fe deficient :).

  5. Janice, Lisa has been hounding me to start taking vitamins for years, maybe this is what it will take for me to start…or not

  6. I was definitely shocked…thanks for explaining.

  7. LOL!! Love it! 🙂

  8. I am glad for the explanation as well. FOR, if the pieces in the toilet had been from the “first urine of the day,” I’m thinking the color would have been the least of your worries. 🙂

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