Stimulate Us, Baby!

It’s not what you think . . . Yesterday we made our government very happy.  We helped stimulate our economy.  We pumped our “free” $1200 Government Stimulus Check back into that”struggling” economy.  We even spent our check less than 48 hours after we received it.  And to top it off, we spent the entire amount—plus some of our own savings–on a consumer product. (Don’t get uptight Pastor Gene, we did tithe on the $1,200)  So, without digressing any further into any more “finance” talk or starting lofty discussions about such topics as, “Is it really helping or hurting the strength of the dollar and the overall economy to give every person in America money that they did not earn, nor could the government afford to give, just to have the vast majority of the people spend that money on things they can not afford and go farther in debt so they become delinquent ontheir home mortgages and the government has to come to their rescue with money that THEY don’t have?”   (Jason just proofed this post and informed me that I that I just digressed further.)

Here is the fruit of 12 solid hours of work yesterday. 

We replaced the carpet in our living and dining room with laminate.

This is a really good picture of our old carpet.  It was grosser than it looks–trust me.


We started ripping up the carpet after our run on Friday night.  Later that night we tried to start laying the new flooring.  It did not go well!  We were trying to start with the “groove” side toward the wall instead of the “tongue” side.  I was pretty ready to quit at that point and had pretty much refused to work on it any more that night.  I even suggested that we hire someone to put the floor down.  Jason wanted me to mention that for the first time, HE was the one who stuck with the project and figured out what we were doing wrong when I wanted to give up.  Thanks, Jason,  I’m glad you didn’t give up. You saved us lots of money on installation fees. 🙂

Ready to start!


Mom and Dad were gracious enough to come and help us with the hard stuff!


Jason working on the hall. 

Jason and I were quite a team on the big part of the room.  We became very efficient and were able to lay the floor quickly.  It was fun until our legs, backs and knees started getting sore.


This shows just how dull our jigsaw blade got before the project was completed.  Ouch!

We also ran out of padding, so I had to get creative with covering the closet floors. 🙂


The finished product! . . . almost.

We still need to do the transitions and the quarter round trim at various places around the room. But hopefully, that will not be as hard on our very sore and fragile bodies. We haven’t decided whether running a marathon or laying laminate flooring for 12 hours is harder. Both times we ended up very sore, but with a great sense of accomplishment.



~ by legmaker on May 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “Stimulate Us, Baby!”

  1. That looks awesome! I know how much work that is. (I think ours took us the better part of a week. Good job, Jason and Lisa!

  2. Beautiful floor! What do your dogs think of it? 🙂

  3. Looks great!! Now I just need to stop in and look at it

  4. Your floor looks great!!! I am jealous about how much free time you guys have to do stuff like that since you don’t have kids…although I do love Jaden. I miss our free time. I especially liked your ranting in the first paragraph. :o) Andrea

  5. Looks terrific!! Love reading your blog and feeling like a lazy bum. 🙂

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