Things that make me smile

Since the race I have taken some much needed time off.  I was surprised how quickly my body got rid of it’s soreness.  I was also surprised at how totally exhausted I was for at least a week.  I just felt I couldn’t get enough of sleep.  I have decided to at least two weeks off from running to try to get rid of the last bit of my previous running injuries.  This has been ok, but it’s really hard to keep from lacing up the ‘ole shoes and taking a nice run on the cool mornings we have had lately. 

The other day a guy at the gym commented that I was a good swimmer!  Who would have thunk it!  🙂     I could only swim about 3-4 laps (200m) at the beginning of the year, but now I am pleased to announce that I am able to swim 23 laps (1150m) without stopping, thanks, in part, to my running injuries which drove  me to take up swimming.

On to other, non running topics

I decided to showcase a few things that make me smile.

1)  I got an assistant today at work.  No more working completely alone like I have been doing for 15 months!  🙂

2) Our new bistro set that we saved up to buy.  So far, we have eaten every meal on our front porch since we got the bistro set and put it together! 🙂

(this is not our house, by the way.)

3)  Our garden.  Saturday I spent quite a bit of time working in the garden.  Our peas and lettuce are doing extremely well.  We have a hard time taking our peas into the house because we can hardly stand to wait to eat them!

4) Our rosebush. It is amazing!  It requires no work and every year it comes out more beautiful than the last.

5)  Crossing the finish line! 🙂


~ by legmaker on May 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Things that make me smile”

  1. Pleasant thoughts, Lisa. Gorgeous roses. Glad to hear your garden is doing well. We’re still crossing our fingers with ours. 🙂 It’s momentarily been dubbed the Sod Garden, as we haven’t had a tiller. But we’ve got one now, so we’ll soon show the grass who is boss!

  2. Nice roses and broccoli! Love the bistro set. . enjoy eating outside before it gets too hot :).

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