Friends from the Arctic Circle (almost)

Last weekend we spent several days in South Bend visiting friends.  Jason had a conference near there so I went with him for the shear pleasure of seeing friends . . . ok, I also really needed a vacation too. 🙂 We stayed with our friends, Brian and Angela and we had a wonderful time.  We were a little skeptical about the weather.  Usually, March is really cold, wet, and all around nasty in that part of the world.  Maybe, it just seems extra bad because we usually enjoy nearly perfect weather in South Alabama during the month of March with lots of flowers and mild temperatures.  The weather really wasn’t that bad in South Bend this time though.  On Friday, Angela and I went for a walk in the park and I wore a coat and leather gloves because of the wind.  Angela was at least wearing a long sleeve shirt.  We past this guy in the park that was wearing a short sleeve T-shirt!  He looked at me like I was crazy. . . I, needless to say, did the same!  🙂   We were able to see lots of friends.  I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera so these pictures come from various blogs. (If you see yourself and don’t like your picture, send me another one and I’ll post it instead.  🙂  )

Brian and Angela Alwine

These are our friends, Brian and Angela and Kate.  We stayed with them this past weekend.

Dan and Sarah DeSalvo     

This is Dan and Sarah DeSalvo and Natalie and Claire(This picture was taken before we got there I think)



Lisa holding Claire DeSalvo

This is Claire DeSalvo.  She is the new addition to the DeSalvo family.  She was born very early Saturday morning a week earlier than expected.  Sarah looked beautiful and well rested considering she delivered less than 12 hours before we saw her.

Beau and Karen Dowden

These are our friends, Beau and Karen and Brynn and Mallory.  They live in Michigan now and were visiting for the weekend so we got to see them too!

Josh and Andrea Gregory

These are our friends, Josh and Andrea and Jaden. They run.  🙂



David and Lisa Swartz

These are our friends, David, Lisa, Andrew and Jonathan.  They are our cousin and friends from life before South Bend.  They were gracious enough to let us live in their house for a month before we moved to Alabama. 

Delton and Fernie Hochstedler

These are our friends from Rosedale and Cedarville, Delton, Fernie, Naomi and Joshua.  They are from Ohio and were just visiting this past weekend too.  What a nice surprise!


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