Fun facts about running in 2007

Asics Gel Nimbus running shoe

This is the shoe that I am currently running in.  I’m pretty fanatical about my shoe selection–don’t get Jason started on that branch of my insanity. I couldn’t replace my current shoes, Asics Gel Nimbus 9, or it’s sister style, Asics Gel Cumulus 9, that I desperately wanted through Nordstrom anymore and I was just about to give up hope—But not anymore!!!! has a fresh batch of shoes and so I can get my size 7.5D for my right foot and my size 9M for my left foot in BOTH OF MY TWO FAVORITE STYLES!!!!! Maybe I’ll buy one of each!  Hmmm…possibilities.  I shop because they are the only place beside that will split my size for FREE! Yippee!!!!!!! (If you are unfortunate enough to need this service here are the rules at The size difference has so be at least 1.5 sizes and you have to pick out your style from the online inventory and then call customer service. I think it is the same at Nike.)

This post is for all of our wonderful “non-running” friends who think we are the only crazy ones on the planet who love running!  Turns out that a couple of other people share our crazy passion! (and after the rant on the new running shoes I’m sure I’ve dispelled all doubt about my own personal insanity! 🙂 )

These fun facts come from the Runner’s World blog of Dean Karnazes the “Ultra Marathon Man” who ran 50 marathons in 50 consecutive days last year for a good cause.

– In 2007, there were a billion pairs of running shoes sold worldwide (see–other people share my love for a good pair of running shoes!)

– Estimates are that there are upwards of 75 million total runners in the USA (includes all levels and abilities)

Of the 8,000 dedicated runners surveyed in the 2007 National Runner Survey:

– 53% of these runners are Male, 47% are Female

– 94% are college educated

– 93% run at least 3 days/week, 64% at least 4 days/week, 35% run 5 or more days/week

– 35% have never completed a marathon, 64% have finished at least 1 or more, 33% have finished at least 4 or more, 17% have finished 10 or more marathons

Those are the macro trends, here are some of our personal preferences (always more interesting).  In the last 30 days, 28% of us have had 5 or more glasses of red wine, 26% have had 5 or more regular beers, and 23% have had 5 or more light beers.  Only 16% have had 5 or more mixed drinks.

What do we think about when we run?  Food, sex, work, in that order.

– Half of us listen to music while running

– 15% of us use a GPS device

– 17% of us buy our running shoes online

In the last 12 months, we’ve purchased an average of 2.9 pairs of running shoes. 

Guess what our favorite restaurant chains are?

1. Subway (61%)
2. Olive Garden (43%)
3. P.F. Chang’s (35%)

Interestingly, McDonald’s came in at 20%.  McDonald’s!  Never would have guessed that.

When it comes to shoe brands, Asics dominates with 32%.  Nike comes in at 14%, Brooks and New Balance are locked at 12%, and Saucony isn’t far behind at 11%.

Although we’re running in Asics, we’re wearing Nike.  Nearly 60% of us own Nike sports apparel, almost double the closest competitors (Asics, Under Armour and Adidas all came in around 31%). 

The half-marathon is our favorite distance (40%), followed by the marathon (18%), and then the 10K (15%).  Only 1.8% said the ultra-marathon was their favorite distance.

As for race size, the largest races in the world are as follows:

1. JPMorgan Corporate Challenge: Frankfurt 3.5 Mile (60,000 finishers)
2. Atlanta Peachtree 10K (55,253 finishers)
3. Sydney City2Surf 14K (54,900 finishers)

The largest marathons are:

1. ING NYC Marathon (38,607 finishers)
2. London Marathon (35,701 finishers)
3. Berlin Marathon (32,530 finishers)


~ by legmaker on February 20, 2008.

7 Responses to “Fun facts about running in 2007”

  1. Ha!!! I got you! You clicked on the “comments” just to see what someone else said about our running habit. 🙂 Please leave your comment–it makes my day!

  2. Never had a pair of Asics until I got some this past fall. I think I tried on the Nimbus, which were great, but wound up going with the next model down in price (since I really don’t run seriously at all). Can’t remember which exact model they are… Anyway, they’re really great shoes!

  3. Lisa, you got me, you nerd! You need to run yourself down to Sonic for a coconut cream pie shake. They are yummy!!

  4. Dont know bout all the facts but one thing I do know is you are spot on about Nike splitting sizes for free.

    I have run in and continue to run in Nike Free Running Shoes because after years of suffering and searching I finally pluched up the courage and asked the question at NikeID and guess what…no probs they split for my odd sized feet.

    Just goes to prove If you dont ask you dont get. Since that day I have stayed faithful to the brand. You just can not buy service like that can you

  5. Hi Nike Free Running Shoe Wearer! Thanks for the confirmation on splitting shoe sizes! I haven’t actually ordered from their web site yet, but it’s great to have options…. 🙂

  6. […] curious, embarrassed look.  I, of course, took one look at the boxes and knew immediately that my second pair of new running shoes had arrived at last (they were back-ordered from Nordstrom)!  I took them from him and he fumbled around for the other letter and magazine that he was […]

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