Redneck Christmas

We were with my family on Christmas day after we flew back from Illinois.  After lunch, Gene, my brother-in-law (the completely bald one), mentioned that he brought his shotgun. Jake, my other brother-in-law (partially bald one in the tan jacket), mentioned that he brought a pistol. We all tried our hand at shooting the firearms.  We had a box of clay pigeons and a hand thrower, but the pigeons were too old to fit in the thrower right so Jason was the designated thrower. 

family shooting

My sister, Judy, had not shot a gun in about 25 years, but she proved to be a pretty good shot.  She hit the clay pigeon on her first try.  Dad, of course, is a good shot—-it must be because of all of the practice he gets shooting armadillos in the yard. 🙂

  Jason shootingLisa shooting clay pigeons

I also had a stroke of luck and hit the target the first several times.  Jason was a good shot too, although he told me later that he never really tried to line up the bead on the end of the barrel with the target.  He must have extra good hand eye coordination!

Mom shooting clay pigeons

Mom was not so lucky.

Gene shooting the pistolLisa shooting the pistol

We also tried shooting the handgun.


Jake with pistolGene with shotgun
They had to prove several times that the guns were not loaded before I consented to taking these pictures.  It was still a bit freaky.
No alcohol was consumed before, during, or after these events. 🙂

~ by legmaker on December 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Redneck Christmas”

  1. A truly southern Christmas!

  2. Well, I must fit in the redneck category because it sounds like fun to me :). Jan

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